What We Do...

At Visionary Surfboards we have been honing our craft since 2009, producing surfboards that are not only functional and lasting, but beautiful too.  

We produce boards that are specific to your needs, and when you select us to make your board we want to make it special for you, that's why our customers keep coming back.

We use what we consider, through trial and testing, to be the best available materials, and this shines through in the performance, strength and finish of our boards. 

We embrace technology whilst not shying away from traditional techniques.  Our boards are designed using Shape 3dx, then CNC machine cut, before being finely tuned and styled by hand.

We specialise in resin tints, fine finishes, and creating individual works of art.

Our boards are not mass produced, they are custom made in house. By selling our boards directly we are able to cut out the middle man, keep our prices down and offer you better value for money. 

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a single fin, and that’s pretty close!
— Somebody Somewhere