The Truffle Shuffle was designed for the small days that you wouldn't usually bother getting in on.  It has vee running from nose to tail that turns to vee double concave from under the chest area right through the fins, the vee helps it get rail to rail nice n easy whilst the double concave gives the board lift and speed.  It's got loads of volume in it to make the most of weak waves.  The Truffle Shuffle is a really fast and fun board that will handle more than you would imagine!

Comes with a quad setup as standard but does work as a thruster when the waves are a bit bigger.

Suitable for beginner to advanced level surfers.

Recommended Sizes

Recommended Sizes



"just wanted to drop you a quick email, managed to get out on the new board for the first time yesterday!
went like an absolute dream!  best board I've ridden by far!
thanks for all the hard work and ill definitely be coming to you next time I'm after a new board!"


"Used the diamond spud this last week and it flys! Messed about with the fins to a more upright rear and wider based front and it went mint."