Mini Simmons surfboards are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason, fast fun and versatile. There's a wealth of knowledge on the history and theory behind the Mini Simmons available online along with videos of them being surfed so if you aren't familiar with them take a look, there's a video right here.

Whilst you might look at it and think 'it'll never work', don't be deceived this thing goes in anything and goes really well.  The only problem with it is you wont want to surf anything else!  




Dave, Ireland

Looks even better in the flesh, so to speak, if that's possible. Glenn Nary at Visionary Surfboards is a craftsman extraordinaire.
First day out on easkey right, head high and perfect. The board is a legend, so much speed, will take me a while to control it, loose but not too loose. My number one choice for a surf now.

Rory, Hartlepool

Really good board so much fun in all types of waves i love mine glenn, it's the go to board!