One of my favourite adverts of all time was for Guinness, simply called ‘Surfer’. You can watch it below. Some time ago I was contacted by a design company doing an installation in the Guinness Storehouse museum that is based on that advert. They asked me if I would be able to do 6 plain white boards for them based on those surfed in the advert. I was obviously more than happy to oblige!

Those boards are now a central feature in the Storehouse Museum and are seen by anybody and everybody that visits!



As well as making Visionary Surfboards we have done a few other bits n pieces.  I made Drift Surfboards and was a partnes in Drift Surf Shop. Unfortunately I found that I didn’t have time to do both so I left to concentrate all my efforts on Visionary.


Some years ago I was contacted by Ed from asking me to make a few surfboards, mainly longboards, mainly black, to support a surf fashion label called Rockers Deluxe. I’m not sure how well the clothing went but the boards became very popular very quickly. We still make Rockers Deluxe Surfboards, mainly longboards.