The Hustler's a shortboard that anybody can surf and have crazy amounts of fun on.  The shape is a progression of the Truffle Shuffle, the outline has exactly the same full nose providing stability and paddle power.  It's not until the last third of the board that the outline changes.  The tail is pulled in quickly giving the board hips. It also has slightly more rocker than the Truffle Shuffle and has a single to double concave with a slight vee out of the tail.  All of this results in a board that is still fast and responsive but will hold in on better waves and produce much snappier turns. 
It was designed for average to good beach waves, from waist to overhead and for surfers of all abilities to go out and enjoy.




Suggested sizes

Suggested sizes



"Unparalleled speed and exquisite rail to rail transitions. If I only had one board in my quiver it would be this one."

Richie - Flow Surf School