We’ve been making our Hornet model for years now but it’s recently had a bit of a facelift. Narrowing the nose slightly and rounding the tail a bit we found that we can increase the performance of the board whilst keeping it very easy to surf. This board will go in anything.

Suitable for all abilities, The Hornet is a board that will go in anything and have you catching more waves than you can imagine. 

If you’d prefer to have your Hornet in it’s previous guise just let us know.

Have it is a 4 + 1 for experimentation, or a  single fin for style.

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Hello mate, just wanted to let you know the boards working out really well. It's been out quite a bit recently from the Middle reef at runswick to the caves. It's doing exactly what I hoped it would. Getting into waves mega early, my wave count has never been better! been using it as a quad, it's got a kind of slashy feel to it? It turns mega, absolutely love it mate, get yourself a hornet!