Visionary Custom Surfboards have been crafted in the North East of England since 2009 by UK surfboard shaper Glenn Nary.  Every surfboard, longboard, mid length surfboard or shortboard, is made with meticulous attention to detail with the focus being on the quality of each surfboard rather than the quantity produced.  Whilst we do have surfboards hanging in the Guinness Storehouse Museum in Dublin and The Beam in Sunderland, most of our surfboards are custom made for surfers who want their surfboard to be something special!


Board is everything I expected, it was worth the wait. Just wanted to let you know. You’re the man! I can’t ever see getting a board from anyone else, smooth but can turn quick. Looks sick too!
— Rich (Magic Rock) - Custom Twin Pin
Hey Glenn, the board goes SO well, it is magic! Thanks so much. Finally I have a board that fits me!
— Big Phil - Magic Dolphin
Hi Glenn,
It was great to meet you and pick up the board yesterday. I went strait to the beach to try it out, its perfect!
It still feels really easy to catch waves, but its more responsive than my mini-mal without feeling too much less stable. I can’t wait to try it out in bigger waves this winter, I’ll keep you posted as to how I go.
— Ben - Custom Fish
Hey Glenn, just wanted to let you that the board is amazing, thanks so much!! Got out in some less than ideal conditions yesterday (about 3-4ft but messy) and managed to pop up and actually start surfing immediately haha! I thought it would take ages to get used to having 3ft less board underneath me but the extra width and thickness made all the difference. Thanks again mate, so happy with the board!!!!
— Josh - Custom Fish
Hope you’re doing well up in Saltburn and you’ve had some waves this summer! Mate just touching base to give some feedback on the boards (sorry it’s taken so long!). In short, they both ride well and I’m stoked as ever on them. I’ve just had the scavenger step up 5’11 in France and scored some good waves. It’s super responsive and has a wickets rail game which is awesome. I can’t wait to get it in some 5ft plus and hopefully some barrels later in the year when I spend a couple of days in Indo!

I had the quad retro fish out in Portugal a few months back but the swell was non existent so I didn’t really get to test it out properly. I’m still waiting for some good conditions to truly get it into the flow. That said, I did have a couple of waves on it and it felt good.
Hope all is well mate. Keep up the epic work
— Will - Retro Fish and Scavenger Stepup
Hi Glenn,

Just a thank you for the board you made for me , great workmanship and a great job with the colour match, surfed it on Sunday and she rides beautifully.

Many Thanks,
— Andre - Kelpie